GaDangme Association

We, the sons and daughters of GaDangme origin of Ghana residing in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area of the USA, conscious of the need to promote and preserve our cultural heritage and provide for the general welfare of our people, do hereby establish these principles as the instrument of our Association 

1. To unite all people of GaDangme origin in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

2. To promote cultural, civic, social education and recreational activities among members in the USA through the celebration of the Homowo Festival and other occasions deemed to be in the general interest of the Association

3. To develop and foster mutual understanding and cooperation with other Ghanaian Associations in the USA for better community relationships.

4. The corporation is charitable, non-profit, voluntary organization. It shall be used to promote any political cause or to support any political party or candidate, nor shall it be used to lobby for the purpose of influencing any legislation.